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Magician by Raymond E Feist

One of my all time favourite authors is Raymond E Feist. I first came across him in Daughter of the Empire, then followed up with Magician a couple of years later.

I have spent many an hour in the world of Midkemia, and I recently revisited, in a whole new way.

Reviewer Sam is a great fan of audio books, especially when he is not well. It was becoming such a costly pastime I decided I should invest in subscription service. A month ago Sam had not finished his last audiobook, so I decided to treat myself, and I downloaded the complete Riftwar Saga, for a re-read.

Magician, the first book in the trilogy, follows Pug and Thomas, two boys in the keep of Crydee, through some interesting adventures at a time when their home is about to be invaded from another world.

Pug is a thoughtful boy. An orphan brought up in the keep. Apprenticed to a magician, he is working hard to control his magic. Thomas is the boy all heroes begin as. Strong, athletic, and with a good heart, he is training to be a soldier. Together they become embroiled in events set to turn their world around.

This book has all the elements of a great fantasy – magic, monster, elves, dwarfs, soldiers and heroes. More importantly, it is a real boys own adventure with Pug and Thomas at the centre, getting up to mischief, fighting battles and facing danger at every turn.

The story does not move particularly quickly, but there is enough action to keep readers intrigued. It was an epic read when I first came across it, and on a re-read I enjoyed it even more. Perhaps that was because I was listening rather than reading, but my mind spent more time imagining the scenes than I would normally have expected.

Boy fantasy fans from around 12 upwards would enjoy the Riftwar books, and if they do not like reading I definitely recommend an audio option. For female fantasy readers, I would suggest the Daughter of the Empire Trilogy as a better option. It is difficult to find a strong female lead in fantasy books, but this series is one.

Sam’s Tips for Choosing an Audiobook

According to Sam there are some important things you must consider when choosing an audiobook. The first is, it must be a book you would read because it often takes longer to listen to a book than to read it yourself.

You must also test the book before you buy it. This is important because a good story can be ruined by a narrater whose voice grates on you.

Finally, it helps if you already know the story, because you often find yourself drifting when you are listening to a book. If you already know the story, then this is not a problem if you miss a bit. If you do not know the story, then make sure you know how to move back and forward between the chapters as you will have to re-read some sections.

I want to add a tip here – you need time. or most of us it takes more time to listen to a book than to read it. I found time walking the dog, and this is now reading time for me. You do need some time when you have few distractions.

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