The Cat Wants Custard by P. Crumble and Lucinda Gifford vs I Wish I were a dog by Lydia Monks

Love books about animals? So do I, and I especially love them when I can see my cat and dog staring back at me. My book to review this week was The Cat Wants Custard, a favourite in my online bookstore, but I found myself comparing it a family favourite, I Wish I Were a Dog. See which one came out on top.


The Cat Wants Custard

In A Cat Wants Custard, Kevin the Cat (I love the name) is trying to get his owner to understand he wants custard for dinner. We all know cats are fussy, and they communicate with us in their own way. Kevin is definitely very inventive talker, and very cat like. P. Crumble’s story also has a moral, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

I could immediately see why this book is a best seller. The cat is very catlike, the story is very funny and the illustrations by Lucinda Gifford capture Kevin to a T. If you love animal stories, this book is a great buy to read to your children.

I Wish I were a Dog

Lydia Monk’s Kitty has dog envy. She points out how dogs have much more fun than cats, and wonders why she cannot be like that.

Her very smart owner then points out all the ways cats have more fun than dogs, showing the grass is not always greener on the other side. What does the dog think of that? You will have to read it and see.

In this book the images are beautiful, and really carry the story. Written in rhyme, it is also very easy to read. Kitty’s tale of envy is a must for your picture book collection, if you can get your hands on a copy.

And the winner is…

Normally I would say I love both books and either one would be a fantastic purchase to read to your children, and that is true. To be honest though, I Wish I were a Dog is still my favourite. Maybe it is because it is more whimsical, maybe it is because the cat is more catlike and the dog more doglike, or maybe it just touched something a little deeper in me. Or Maybe it is because it makes me want to be a cat.

Get the Cat Wants Custard from The Bookdepository

Get the Cat Want Custard from Booktopia

Buy I Wish I Were a Dog

Sadly this is now a hard to get book. There are plenty second had copies around, and a scattering of new ones. I was most successful on an eBay search. But try your favourite online bookstore as you might get lucky.

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