White Noise by Tanya Lisle and Brightshade by Miriam R. Dimitra

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on ways to find independent authors to read using methods I use to promote my own books. After that post I decided to test my own theory and bought some books from a YA Fantasy Promotion. The promotion was for 99c books and I purchased three titles. 

Of those three books I found one was not really my type of read, although I can see why teens might enjoy it, but I also found two winners. Not bad for a $3 investment.

White Noise by Tanya Lisle

This book was chosen with reviewer Sam in mind, but I finished it before he even started reading. Loved the idea of this story, with a teenage boy being kidnapped as his parents were shot dead in front of him. Teleported to in unknown location, Max meets other teens with special abilities, who try to help him fit in and learn about his own abilities.

I really thought this was going to be a running for your life, Conspiracy 365 type story with a smidgen of super powers thrown in.  Boy was I wrong. Just when you think you have a handle on what is going on in this book, with a few flicks of her wrist Tanya Lisle twists what you know like a rubic’s cube, and the perspective changes.

A book for teens (and older if you like a good mystery), Max is witty, a little sarcastic, and really carries this story as he questions the reality of everything he is told. What I really like about him though is he has opportunities to walk away, but he works to try and save his newly made friends to a truely surprising end.

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Brightshade (Tales of Aether and Soul Book 1) by Miriam R. Dumitra

Right up my alley, Miriam Dumitra’s Brightsades is an epic fantasy full of magic and wars and a magical searching for answers. 

Set in two countries, one that uses magic and one that has favoured science and rejected magic, Jenna is trying to find out why she cannot control her magical abilities. Her journey becomes more perilous as we find forces are trying to bring about war between the two nations.

In the meantime we follow the lives of a soldier, a thief, an arsonist and a killer who are all being drawn together to meet with Jenna and face a foe who threatens them all.

The world of Brightshades is well imagined and a true player in this story. Jenna and the other main characters are flawed enough to be really interesting. The plot line draws you in and then you find you are at the end of the book wanting more.

This is a great teen fantasy read, and I cannot wait for book two.

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YA Fantasy Books

Where did I find these two diverse fantasy reads? I signed up to receive newsletters from the YA Fantasy Books Website. Every couple of months they have a 99c or free promotion listing. It comes straight to my in box and I can then scroll though and look at the books I am interest in. If you like any type of fantasy book this is a great way to find new authors.

 NB: I use this site to promote my books, but I am not affiliated in any way.


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