After a long break I am back from holidays and am rearing to go with some reviews, but not this week – this week I wanted to do a little planning and preparing, and give you some idea of what I will be reading and reviewing this year.

I am going to try and be very good this year and record my reading choices on my goodreads page, which I am hoping you can see from here. I hope this works. I will then endeavour to update goodreads with my reviews as well.

If you have any book review ideas please drop a line at the bottom of this post. I will consider almost everything suitable for children and YA readers.

My Holiday Reading

Over the break I took some time to read some amazing books, but I have to admit they were mostly adult ones. While I was reading I wondered why we make the distinction between Young Adult and Adult Books since many of us read both? I realised it is perhaps the more adult themes that younger readers may not understand, and they certainly do not like direct references to sex. In spite of realising this, this year I am going to include a few more adult books younger people may enjoy, although I will bear in mind their dislikes.

I already have the Maisie Dobbs series on my list of books to read. I have indulged myself reading a lot of these books, but I still have a few to go. I think Young Adult readers will enjoy these inter-war year mysteries.

There will be Fantasy

Of course there will be YA Fantasy. I love this genre, I write in this genre, and I want to excite more people about the books available in the Fantasy realm. There are already a few on my reading list, some that have not even been published yet! I mean who is not excited about The Ballard of Songbirds and Snakes? I cannot wait to get back to the world of the Hunger Games.

Of Course Picture Books are a Must

Reading begins with great picture books, and carried on with books that inspire and engage. Over the last year I have not done much work in this category, but I am going to scour the libraries and bookshops and online bookshops for some gems.

A Personal Challenge

Over the holidays I went and saw Jojo Rabbit with reviewer Sam, and it reminded me books are a great way to revisit history. This year I want to review some books that challenge us to look at history and understand differences, and at least one of these will be non-fiction.

A Bonus

This year I have challenged reviewer Sam to provide one book review a month from the viewpoint of a teenage boy. He has not been reading as many books since he started high school, so I am interested to see what he will choose to read and share this year.

My Target

I have set my target in goodreads to read (and hopefully review) 52 books. Of course, because I never share a bad review, you will only see the good books here.

I have also set myself a few other targets to pull me out of my comfort zone, and give you a better variety to read about. I will also pepper the year with some blogs about reading, or where to find books, or just some general thoughts on children’s books.

Hope you enjoy 2020, and our first reviews, which will be out next week.

Back from the Holidays

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