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As some parts of Australia go into lockdown again and children are working from home, my Bookbubble book sales have increased. While I was posting books out today I thought parents must be going mad having to teach from home again—they must surely be running out of activity ideas. So I decided to write an extra post about things you can do at home to inspire your children about the books they are reading.

This is not a post about how to get your children to read, I have done a few of those, but how to inspire your children about the books they are reading in a different way.

New Readers

New readers and teens were the two most difficult group to find activities for. For new readers, learning to read is hard, and they are not always ready for the more fun, comprehension activities. Some, I am sure, will be able to skip to the advance readers and middle grade section. Here are couple of the more fun ideas I found to make learning to read and understanding books fun.

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Silly Voices – Make up silly voices when you or they read. You can do the whole book in a silly voice, or make one up for each of the characters.

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Wanted Poster – Make a wanted poster for the bad guy in the book. Depending on the level of skill, you can print a wanted frame from from the internet (I found some here) and help with the description, or you can set your child to do their own from scratch.


Advanced Readers and Middle Grade

There were so many activities for this group I did not know where to start, so I grouped them into two types of activities; Knowing Your Main Character and Settings. Depending on your Middle Grader’s access to social media, they may be able to do some of the Teens activities.

Knowing Your Main Character

Draw a picture of a main character as a baby, teen, adult and elderly person. Describe what they are doing in each image.

Expressions – choose a scene your main character is in and take photos of your face with the expressions you image the character making throughout the scene.

3 Wishes – Imagine a genie dropped into the book in the middle, what 3 wishes would the main characters wish for and why.


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Map – draw a map of where the book is set. Include all the points where key events take place.

Tourist Guide – with a tourist guide for where the book is set. Include all the main points of interest.



These were the activities that most inspired me when I found them, I hope they inspire your teens to dig deeper into the books they have to read.

For the Techie Kids

Create a Facebook Page – create a dummy Facebook page for the main character and add a few posts of recent activities.

Dating the Bad Guy – Create a social media dating profile for the villain of the piece, include a description of their ideal date,

Meme or advert – create a meme or advert they believe will either get other kids to read the book, or enraptures what the book is about.

Linkedin Profile – imagine you are one of the book’s characters and you are looking for a job. Create a dummy linked in profile for them.

For the Music Buffs

Movie Music – Imagine your book is now a movie, what music would be the theme for song for each character.

Make a Playlist – Choose a character in the book and make a playlist for them. Chose a song they would listen to for each scene in the book.

For the Fashionista

Movie Costumes – Choose a character and make a costume scrapbook. Find an outfit for each scene that character is in.

For the Artists

Superhero – choose a character from the book and turn them into a superhero.

Cover challenge – Imagine the book has no cover, design the book cover.

For the Writers

Origin Story – Write an origin story for one or more of the books characters.

This was a fun blog to research and I hope it gave you some cool ideas for activities, and I hope even more that it may have stopped you from going a little mad. If you have any other activity ideas please feel free to add them to the bottom of the post you never know, you may have the ideal solution for someone else.

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