A Little Bit of Spooky for October

So grab a drink and join me for, if not quite a walk on the wild side, then at least a tip-toe in the shadows.

As we head towards Halloween I have two books books which a touch of spooky for you. One is the third book in one of my favourite series—a middle-grade up book that I have been waiting to read for a very long time. The other is a YA New Adult book which gives a new spin to traditional creatures of the night. So grab a drink and join me for, if not quite a walk on the wild side, then at least a tip-toe in the shadows.

Hollowpox The Hunt for Morrigan Crow – Nevermoor #3 by Jessica Townsend

I feel like I have been waiting forever for the third instalment in the Nevermore series, but I have to say the book was well worth the wait. All your favourite characters have returned; Morrigan herself, her guardian Jupiter, her friends Hawthorne and Cadence, her family at the Hotel Deucalion, and my personal favourite— Fenestra the magnificat. In spite of all her friends being around, Morrigan’s life is changing. She is finally being trained as a Wundersmith, which means she is spending less and less time with her friends, and they no longer seem to understand her. To make matter worse, a strange disease has been affecting the Wunimals, and a new group anti-Wunimal group has sprung into being; and it all might have something to do with Morrigan.

Jessica Townsend’s book is set in an amazing, magical world, yet her characters are relatable. Morrigan is going through what every other child her age is going through; her friendships are being tested as each of her friends find their way in a magical world and she is unsure of where she fits in. However, what I love most about this book is how Jessica weaves real world problems through her storyline, and in this book more so than others. Nevermore, like our world, faces a strange new disease that no one is able to combat. And, like the real world, discrimination is a very real problem and how they deal with it is quite an eye opener.

I know this series is targeted at middle grade children, but honestly it is a great read at any age. Don’t be put off by the emergence of a virus in this book, honestly, it will help you escape from our covid obsessed world into a place where most problems can be solved by magic – if only! Spoiler, not for children who don’t like things a little scary.

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Darkness Unknown – Beshadowed Book One by S.A. Fenech

You have been lied to. Werewolves, vampires, ghosts … they aren’t what you think. Well doesn’t that just make you want to read the book! And it was what attracted me to Darkness Unknown, that and the fact that I am reading my through S.A. Fenech’s Memory’s Wake Trilogy and I am really enjoying it. I have to say the book started a little slow for me and I did get a little lost a couple of times, but I kept going because I was drown to the characters and intrigued by a story line that had a young woman returning to a town she thought she had left behind to deal with the family estate.

As I read I was drawn to Everly, with her difficult past and anxiety issues. Her dynamic with Harper, her instagramming friend who joined her on her trip home, made me smile, so I kept reading, and I was pleased I did.

I enjoyed Selina’s take on Vampires and werewolves (you will have to read the book to find out what the twist is). The home town Everly’s returns to on her mother’s death is suitably creepy, and you just know there is more going on than meets the eye. Then there is Everly’s school friend and girl crush, Rylan—there is definitely something odd with their relationship and, well, him. This book slowly drew me in, then wham, at about the 70% mark I couldn’t put it down. In fact, at the end I was left wanting more—now!

This love story/urban fantasy/mystery is a great escape read, and has just enough scare for the lead up to Halloween. I would recommend for older teens and adults who don’t mind a little scare, and waiting for the next instalment to come out.

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