Reading on the Run

This week I wanted to share with you some of the new ways you can access new stories and writers from your phone.

As a self-published author I have published my book wide, which means I make them available on all platforms for reading. Recently my niece published some fan-fiction, and when I went to read it I realised there is a whole reading world out there I knew very little about—a reading world where all you need is a phone.

When I started investigating reading apps, I was introduced to a whole new way of reading and writing. At first I thought to myself, this isn’t real fiction—writing your story in a serialised format. Then I remembered my English studies, and that some of our most revered writers started their careers writing serialised stories for newspapers; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens and George Elliot began their writing careers in this way. So let’s have a look at what’s around in the modern day writing world.

By the Book Ap Providers

Google Play

If you have the Google Play Ap on your phone, games are not the only thing you can purchase from your phone. There are a number of books available for purchase from the play store. You do need to purchase the whole book, but it is another way to access books by popular and self-published authors while you are on the run.

Ebooks from Library

One of my biggest surprises during the covid lockdown was finding out that my local library had a great catalogue of well known ebooks, but it also has the facility to recommend new books. So if you have a favourite non-traditionally published writer then try recommending them to your library. If they add your book then you can read for free. You will need to have a library membership, and download the ap they use for reading and lending, but it’s a great way to read on the run.

Serialised Reading Aps

If you have some spare time on a train as you commute, or while you’re waiting for appointments, or just while you’re catching a coffee break, then reading apps with serialised stories may be just the thing for you, especially as most publish in 1-2 thousand words a chapter. There are a lot around, but I have looked at three of the most popular in the writing community.


Wattpad is the first ap I accessed, and I found a great mixture of both free and paid works of fiction and non-fiction. There is a great range of stories available, and it is easy to add stories to your library.

Like all story apps, quality is variable, but there is plenty to choose from and to add to your reading list. For me there is a pretty good fantasy offering, and I do like reading some of the fan-fiction available.

You can find Wattpad at, and you can download the ap from Googleplay and The Apple Store.


Like Wattpad, Webnovel is another reading ap that can be downloaded from Googleplay and The Apple Store,, and I stumbled upon it as a platform to publish my works, and I am in negotiations with them.

Webnovel’s strength is in their fantasy and romance offering, including steamy romances. One of the things I really like about this ap is the asian fantasy and manga style stories translated from asian writers.

You do have to pay for most of the offerings on Webnovel, and many reviewers do not like the pay system, but there are some great reads on here and well worth your time to get to know how it works.


If romance is more your your thing, then Raddishfiction is a great ap for you to download from your ap store Once again you will have to pay for most offering on this site, but there are many quality, non-traditionally published writers publishing their offerings on this ap.

Paetron is a website where people can support writers (or other creative individuals) with a small monthly subscription. Most writers put out a story or a chapter a month for their small subscription, so if you find a writer you like check out Paetron and see if you can follow them and contribute a little each month for new works, some of which are not available elsewhere.

I hope this blog has got you at least a little excited about the new ways of accessing your favourite reads using only your phone.