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What gave me the idea to start this site?  A couple of years ago I took some time off working as my son’s health was making it difficult to look after him and and do everything else a working mum has to do. During this time I decided to work on publishing some stories I had written and I also set up a bookshop on eBay to help with the family income. While talking with parents about books and my bookshop I found that many parents did not know about the range of books out there for children and were struggling to find reading material that captured their children’s imaginations. This encouraged me to start a website with just a mum talking about books to try and help other mums.

You may ask what makes me an expert on books? And I would like to counter by saying that I am not an expert on books, I just love reading them, right from children’s picture books through to adult books. And anyone who knows me will tell you that I have no problem voicing my opinion, and I do love to voice my opinion on books!

Who am I? We obviously a mum and a writer and a past bookshop owner. Before that, after getting my Masters in Computing, I spend many years working in IT supporting and implementing business systems. And back in the dim, dark ages before that I used my History and Political Studies degree to launch me into  Personnel and Office Management. I started in New Zealand, moved to England, where I met my husband and had my son, then immigrated to Australia. From the dark ages till now I have escaped into books perhaps far too regularly, and have harboured dreams of one day working on my own.

That’s a little about me, and the site. So join up and read the reviews, and maybe you will feel up to commenting on a few, taking part in your say, or maybe producing a review of your own.

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If you would like to see what books I am working on you can see my writers website here. https://viviennelfraser.com.au

Vivienne Simpson

Other Contributors

Sam S – is 12 years old, in Grade 7 and loves reading. He writes reviews for this site to get access to more books. He loves music, superheros, soccer and parkour.

Samantha S – is 13 years old and in Grade 8. She enjoys funny books, swimming, parkour and motor bikes.

Scott T – is 12 and in Grade 6. He also likes funny books and books about sport. Scott loves drawing and sports, especially cricket and rugby league, and he is a Scout.

Tara T – at 10 is one of our youngest reviewers, and she is in Grade 5. Tara loves beautiful books and her other interests are dance, singing and brownies.

Ruby E is also 10 and a self-confessed book worm and who plays netball and piano and just loves swimming.