The Bookbubble Shop has some of our favourite books to inspire readers and our own brand of book accessories to help make reading more fun.


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Early Readers and Early Chapter Books

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Reading is fun, but some children struggle and do not catch the reading bug until later. Our range of accessories are designed to reward and encourage reading.


What a great way to reward graduating to chapter books – a bookmark gift. Or really just because you can never have enough bookmarks!

Book Charms, Bag Tags and Jewellery

These book inspired gifts are great as a small reward for reading achievements, or just because you like them!

Book Pillows and Blankets

Creating a fun reading environment is a great way to encourage children to get into the mood for reading.

Book Buddies –  Amigurumi Figures

An amigurumi figure is great at helping to act out a book, or just because you want to give a gift of one of their favourite book characters to a child.

Book Bags

Everyone loves taking their books to the library in a cool book bag!




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