Rivers of London – Happy Father’s Day

Rivers of London

by Ben Aaronovitch

Today is Father’s Day, and we have a special review by Jim (Mr Bookbubble), who recently read a book that inspired him into a series, and he wanted to share it on this day when dad’s are king.

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch is the story of Metropolitan Police Officer, Peter Grant, who, when following up on a murder investigation, come to the attention of Britain’s last Wizard. Inspector Nightingale opens Peter’s eyes to a whole new under-world in London including; Gods and Goddesses, vampires and spirits, and something that is causing chaos in his beloved city.

The mix of crime, drama and intrigue alongside the supernatural and magic really drew me to this book, along with Inspector Nightingale, the Head of the Magical Unit. I really liked his character because he quirkily dressed and as English gentleman, drove a jag and showed that older men can still be active. His back story was hinted at in this book and I cannot wait to read about in in future books.

My favourite  action in the book was when Inspector Nightingale was chasing the main protagonist through the streets of London and back through time. I was intrigued at how London changed as they ran, back until there was no London.

This is a book that Young Adult readers will enjoy, but there is some violence and that younger readers may find disturbing or frightening. This was such a good read, I am now on book two.


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